Who we are

Our approach at CRI is about marrying cyber security with risk management to deliver effective cyber risk management. Managing the risks associated with cyber related technology and innovation is key. Developing an appropriate cyber risk oversight strategy is a board imperative.

CRI is comprised of a cadre of some of the most experienced and qualified cyber risk experts in the world.

We work from the top down in organisations, enabling the C-Suite to understand and strategically govern cyber risk. The DNA of our firm is pure “cyber” that is all we do.

We work as advisors for our clients and deliver our service portfolio in four distinct phases.



You Can Trust!

We employ only professional, experienced and qualified experts. Our mission is to protect our clients and maintain our excellent record of client satisfaction and 100% client retention. We believe in delivering beyond our clients expectations and building last relationships. Our firm is owned and managed by our founders, the integrity of our services is clear in every engagement. WWe do not SELL to our clients, we fulfil their requirements by providing appropriate solutions

CRI advantage

  • We are experts, our team is the most qualified and experienced.
  • We listen to our clients and know their success is our success.
  • Our staff take pride in their work and are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.
  • We believe our business is to protect your business.

Key Team Members

Brian Montague <br> Chairman
Brian Montague
Paul C Dwyer <br>CEO
Paul C Dwyer
David Dwyer<br>Dir. of Client Services
David Dwyer
Dir. of Client Services
Rhonda Rehill<br>COO
Rhonda Rehill