Webinar: Identifying & Managing Cyber Risk in the Supply Chain


Cyber risks are inherent in every business model. How organisations leverage and manage information technology and digital services has a significant impact on their cyber risk status.

The correlation of these risks around technology, people and processes across a business value chain can have dramatic variances and consequences. Understanding your business value chain, your interdependence and how your business is interconnected with your supply chain is an imperative in managing cyber risk for your business.

The challenge is to understand, measure and communicate the risks in such a way that the business will understand and benefit. “You have to be able to measure cyber risk if you want to manage it”. Join Paul C Dwyer CEO of CRI (Cyber Risk International) as he outlines the challenges organisations face in measuring and managing cyber risk in an enterprise and across their business value chain. 

Webinar Details

Date: 22nd September 2020

Time: 12:00-13:00

Format: Executive Webinar (Invitation Only)

Addressing the cyber risk impacts of Covid-19 on the business and supply chain and how to deal with the dynamic nature of the cyber threat landscape. Leveraging CRI’s awarding winning cyber risk platform “CyberPrism”, Dwyer will demonstrate via a case study on how organisations identify, measure and manage cyber risk across their business and the interconnected enterprise of their supply chain. 

This webinar content is non-technical and aimed at a business leader audience responsible for cyber risk within their organisations and those responsible for managing the supply chain.

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Welcome - Who Are CRI?

Cyber Risk International Ltd (CRI) is an internationally recognised leader in cyber security, risk and privacy management advisory services. We are headquartered in Dublin with offices in London and New York.

We apply our industry insights around security technology, global threats, strategy and public policy to empower our clients to build resilient organisations, gain competitive advantage and accelerate growth.

Our market differentiator is our award winning proprietary B2B SaaS solution “CyberPrism”. The CyberPrism Enterprise platform enable us to support our clients and partners in measuring and managing cyber risk frameworks in an effective, collaborative way around the world.

Cyber Risk

Service Portfolio

Our board advisory services range from board briefings to ongoing independent advisors being appointed to provide regular updates, advice and impartial governance. We also provide one-to-one specialist advisory sessions on topics such as geopolitics, cloud transition and M&A activities.

We can assess the current cyber risk status of your organisation or a third party from a strategical, management and technical perspective. Every organisation is unique and we can tailor our approach to fit your requirements and budget.

We provide a range of public and private courses designed specifically for executives. From bootcamp style masterclasses to interactive workshops, our topics range from Cyber Incident Management to Cyber Compliance for FinSec to our flagship CISO Bootcamp. Private courses and bespoke topics can also be facilitated.

Highly experienced, vetted and qualified cyber experts are a challenge for every organisation to resource. From virtual interim CISOs to subject matter experts we provide access to our cadre of internal experts and associates so clients can leverage teams and resources as required. We can provide instant short, medium or long term access to cyber teams.

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WHAT IS cyberprism?


It does this via an easy to use survey interface that runs complex algorithms in the background accessing business and cyber intelligence feeds in order to calculate the appropriate results that are then displayed via interactive dashboards and numerous report formats. 

CyberPrism is used by non cyber experts and expert cyber professionals around the world and is a viable alternative to the traditional form of engaging “professional service” teams to perform an assessment. You can subscribe to the solution online or contact us for further information.

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3 Steps to Cyber Risk Management

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We value each and every client and strive to deliver the highest level of service tailored for their individual requirements.


We implement and manage the highest level of cyber security controls to protect your data. Security is of paramount importance.


Our solution is a cost effective viable alternative to relying on external experts. Leverage your consultants far more efficiently.

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24/7 Access with full team collaboration features , means assessments can be completed in a fraction of the time with a minimum of disruption to normal operations.

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Less logistics required, as there is a significantly reduced requirement to meet. Online collaboration features means organisations can take control instantly.


Ryanair (1)

We were looking for a cyber security solution to enable us to protect and enable the business to function securely. We ran detailed evaluations and side-by-side comparisons for a number of the leading solutions and chose CRI because they offered the features we required at a competitive price, their expertise and a support throughout the project was excellent and have become an important partner for Ryanair in implementing our Cyber Security Roadmap.”

Tom Stewart
Head of Information Security - Ryanair

“I would highly recommend CyberPrism. It is easy to use, you don’t need a degree in IT, you just need to know your business. CyberPrism gives you the peace of mind that you have the controls in place to meet your business’s cyber inherent risk. The inherent risk is calculated for your organisation not a sector in general and thereby lets you know what your cyber maturity should be. You can easily identify any gaps in and what you need to do to improve your controls. As well as calculating your inherent and maturity risk CyberPrism produces reports for the Board and Regulators. If you improve or add a new control you can simply change your answer to the specific question and thus improve your score and generate a new report.”

Denise Comerford
IT Manager - Comhar Linn Credit Union

“CyberPrism is a powerful tool that is easy to use, and has allowed us to measure our inherent risk in relation to Cyber Security. The CyberPrism staged process assists your business in planning and implementing a Cyber Strategy in-line with industry standards such as ISO27001, COBIT, PCI DSS, ISSA to name a few. As a highly regulated business, CyberPrism has guided us on our journey in Cyber Security ensuring we abide and implement an advance strategy in line with required standards and requirements. The powerful dashboards and reports easily display and explain your’ inherent risk and assist in implementing improvements across your business while explaining in simple terms to all levels of Management & Staff Cyber Risk requirements. I would highly recommend CyberPrism to all that need to start or are reviewing their Cyber Strategy.”

Gerard Clear
Head of IT - Cabot Financial
debenhams 2

An eye opening course bringing to life exactly what a CISO is and maybe more importantly what it isn’t. Many lightbulb moments that will help refocus how to better align security with the business, and what it takes to be successful.

Mark Conabeare
CISO - Debenhams

We engaged CRI to perform an independent cyber risk assessment of the firm and its operations. The CRI team were professional and thorough from initial engagement through to the completion of the project. We were impressed with their in-depth knowledge and focus on providing practical and actionable solutions across the cybersecurity / IT framework.

Matthieu Boulud
– InfoSec Manager – Kinsale Capital Management
debenhams 2

An eye opening course bringing to life exactly what a CISO is and maybe more importantly what is isn’t. Many lightbulb moments that will help refocus how to better align security with the business, and what it takes to be successful.

Mark Conabeare
CISO - Debenhams

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