It is an imperative not to let the cyber “bad guys” take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis and impact essential services. 

COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on the cyber threat landscape of all organisations. Employees working from home, increased dependency on third party vendors/partners and the growth of related opportunistic cybercriminal scams means that the threat surface and inherent cyber risk of every business has changed.

So how do you know if the cyber controls you had pre COVID19 are now appropriate for your augmented operating model? How do you complete cyber assessments and manage risks across your ecosystem without getting face to face with entities?  If you are not measuring cyber risk, you can’t manage it!

Paul C Dwyer CEO of Cyber Risk International will host a webinar outlining the key strategies and metrics you should be implementing in order to maintain control of your cyber risk across the entire business value chain. He will showcase how to leverage CRI’s award winning solution “CyberPrism” as a remote collaboration tool, so that teams can measure and manage cyber risk across a global enterprise. 

Webinar Details

Date: Friday April 3rd 2020

Time:  14:00-14:45 GMT

Registration: Advance Registration Required – Form Below

C-19 Cyber Resilience Service: