Cyber Risk International (CRI) have developed the award winning CyberPrism – Cyber Assessment Tool and Methodology.

Our approach allows us to support our clients in performing full holistic cyber risk assessments across their enterprises and thus develop an appropriate strategy and framework. The CyberPrism™ solution has many unique and innovative features. The experience and expertise of our team, combined with our award winning proprietary technology is our USP.

Leverage Our Expertise and Experience

Our team of consultants can provide an expert independent cyber risk assessment of your organisation. Our methodology is minimally invasive, highly cost effective and can efficiently provide your organisation with a holistic overview of your current cyber status, along with all the information you require to develop and appropriate a road-map and strategy.

Use Independent Professionals

  • Cost Effective
  • Independent Assurance
  • Fast and Efficient Process
  • Tailored Service Offerings
  • Save Time and Reduce Overhead
  • Leverage Expertise of Highly Experienced Cyber Assessment Professionals









Our services are delivered via a logical maturity roadmap and grouped as follows:


ASSESS:  We can determine your current cyber risk status.

DESIGN: We can design and develop an appropriate cyber strategy.

TRANSFORM: We can support the transition of our current environment to a target status.

SUSTAIN: We can help you operate, maintain and develop your cyber risk framework.

Providing board level briefings, interim CISOs and executive mentoring enables our clients to develop an appropriate cyber strategy and framework.

We understand every organisation is unique and our approach is to marry risk management with cyber security so that you can effectively leverage and augment your existing investment.

We deal with all sectors and specialise in supporting the global financial sector.

Our award winning Cyber Risk Strategy “CyberPrism™” is now available as a software tool and our clients can avail of the derived benefits approach.

Aligning a cyber strategy to the business is essential for the board and CRI specialises in calculating the inherent cyber risk of organisations based on their business model and thus developing an appropriate strategy and framework.

No matter what industry you are in, the board and leadership is ultimately responsible for the holistic landscape of cyber risk.

Cyber risk oversight is a board imperative and we assist global corporations in developing an appropriate governance model that supports execution of their business strategy.