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a viable alternative

CyberPrism is a B2B SaaS based solution that facilitates organisations performing a risk based cyber security assessment across their entire cyber security framework. Easy to use, intuitive and provided with a high level of  customer support our solution is a viable alternative to engaging external consultants. Extensive dashboards and reports support a clear understanding of your cyber risk status and the actions you need to address to mitigate the risks.

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cyberprsim overview

You can register online and instantly start benefiting from CyberPrism. Our CyberPrism “Starter Pack” is the easiest way to get started. 

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Unleash Your Team’s Productive Power

CyberPrism is a collaborative solution.

Stop operating in silos and start leveraging the synergies and efficiencies that CyberPrism provides.


The primary user of CyberPrism is usually the person responsible for managing the cyber security, risk and privacy program of an organisation.
This tends to be the CISO, CSO or Head of IT Security depending on the structure of the organisation.
Below is a breakdown of how actual board members are leveraging CyberPrism to empower them in their roles.


The board

How CyberPrism Helps: The Board Receives KPI’s, KRI’s , Metrics and Board Level Reports in Order to Empower Informed Decisions. 



How CyberPrism Helps: Receives KPI’s, KRI’s , Metrics and Board Level Reports to Ensure Cyber Strategy is Aligned.



How CyberPrism Helps:  Leveraged to Develop, Implement and Measure Appropriate Cybersecurity Program.

Manage risk


How CyberPrism Helps: Dashboards and Reports Measure KRI’s such as Inherent Risk and Residual Risk.



How CyberPrism Helps: The Chief Financial Officer Leverages Metrics to Identify Areas of Overspend and Align Budget with Risk.



How CyberPrism Helps: The Chief Information Officer Leverages CyberPrism to Support Innovation and Ensure GRC Alignment. 



How CyberPrism Helps: The Chief Data Officer Leverages CyberPrism in Order to Maintain Compliance with International Privacy Laws.



How CyberPrism Helps: The Chief Marketing Officer Uses CyberPrism to Promote Assurance of Adequate Cybersecurity and Privacy Controls. 



How CyberPrism Helps: The Chief Technical Officer Leverages CyberPrism in Order to Provide Evidence controls are Aligned with the Enterprise Cyber Risk Program. 



How CyberPrism Helps: The Chief Procurement Officer Leverages CyberPrism to Assess Vendors and Third Party Cyber Risk.

Sample Screen Outputs

what can it do?

We continue to innovate CyberPrism. Of course it is the ultimate tool you can leverage to perform a risk based cyber security assessment of your existing framework. However, it is much more than that,

Today, CyberPrism is being used in some of the most complex global environments to manage the ongoing cyber security program of enterprises

analyses risk

Automatically analyses the risk versus maturity relationship and provides MI dashboards and detailed results.

cyber strategy

Enables organisations to develop an appropriate cyber strategy aligned with their business strategy and ambitions.

cyber risk management

Numerous features facilitate enterprise risk management. Enabling organisations to track KRI's such as residual cyber risk.


Provides numerous detailed, executive level and compliance regulatory reports in MS Word format. content matching target audience.

inherent cyber risk

The CyberPrism algorithm calculates the inherent cyber risk by profiling the cyber aspects of the business model, incorporating intelligence feeds.

cyber governance

Provides an executive level interface in order to provide clear chronological status of cyber risk and key performance and risk indicator with heat maps.

global view

The global cyber risk radar facilitates "grouping" various entities based on factors such as location or relationship to a particular service line for analysis.

standards and frameworks

Cross maps the nexus of controls between the existing controls and those outlined in the top ten international frameworks and standards.

maturity and roadmap

Facilitates understanding current risk and maturity status. Provides a fast track risk based maturity road map with supporting details.

how is cyberprism used

use cases

CyberPrism is a versatile tool and our clients continually find more ways to leverage the collaborative features, drive efficiency and leverage their return on investment. Here are just some of the ways our clients are benefiting from CyberPrism.

  • Cyber Security Program Assessments
  • Cyber Resilience Assessments
  • ISO27001 Projects
  • GDPR Assessments
  • Financial Regulatory (FFIEC) Assessments
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessments
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • M&A / Investment Due Diligence
  • Board Cyber Strategy Reviews
  • Risk Based Cyber RoI Reviews

online demo

Tailored specificaly for

  • Financial Services
  • Utilities - CNI
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Retail / E-Commerce
  • Tech / Telecoms
  • Aviation
  • Agribusiness
  • Corporate Enterprises



  • Financial
  • Utilities – CNI
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Retail/E-Commerce
  • Tech/Telecoms
  • Aviation
  • Agribusiness
  • Corporate Enterprises

Yes, security was paramount in the design of the CyberPrism architecture and the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data is one of our key objectives within our mission. We utilise and have invested in some of the most advanced security controls available. The solution is delivered via the cloud and utilises many controls including 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and all of your data is encrypted. Our own Cyber Risk Rating is constantly rated over 900 with a designation of “Excellent’. The CRI Cyber Risk International security team monitor the system 24/7.

Yes you can. We do not provide demo licences, we are are more than happy to set up live demonstration for you at your convenience.

We provide a “Starter Pack” offer for new clients. This is the best way to get started and gives you 90 days full access to the system, with unlimited reports and updates.

You can find further information on the CyberPrism Starter Pack here.