CRI Clients

We deal with all sectors and specialise in supporting the global financial sector.

Our industry accolades include awards from the IRM Institute of Risk Management, Bank of Ireland FinTech Award and HMG Approved Supplier.

However our greatest accolades come from our clients.


“An eye opening course bringing to life exactly what a CISO is and maybe more importantly what is isn’t. Many lightbulb moments that will help refocus how to better align security with the business, and what it takes to be successful.” Mark Conabeare – Head of Cyber Security and Compliance – Debenhams PLC

Kinsale Capital

“We engaged CRI to perform an independent cyber risk assessment of the firm and its operations. The CRI team were professional and thorough from initial engagement through to the completion of the project. We were impressed with their in-depth knowledge and focus on providing practical and actionable solutions across the cybersecurity / IT framework.” Matthieu Boulud – InfoSec Manager – Kinsale Capital Management


“We were looking for a Cyber Security Network Monitoring  System which gave us  24X7 alerting, threat intelligence to enable us to protect and enable the business to function securely.  We ran detailed evaluations and side-by-side comparisons for a number of the leading solutions and  chose CRI because they offered the features we required at a competitive price, their  expertise and a support throughout the project was excellent and have become an important partner for Ryanair in implementing our Cyber Security Roadmap.” -Tom Stewart, Information Security Manager – Ryanair

Fideuram Asset Management (Ireland)

“CRI approach to cyber security management is tailored to the client business model, using an holistic approach which fits also the case of financial institutions with complex business models like asset managers. A benefit of this approach is that CRI assessment results give important indications to strengthen the governance of cyber security management taking into consideration also the client’s business targets” Matteo Cattaneo – Head of Business Support & Operations

INTO Credit Union

“I would highly recommend CyberPrism. It is easy to use, you don’t need a degree in IT, you just need to know your business. CyberPrism gives you the peace of mind that you have the controls in place to meet your business’s cyber inherent risk. The inherent risk is calculated for your organisation not a sector in general and thereby lets you know what your cyber maturity should be. You can easily identify any gaps in and what you need to do to improve your controls. As well as calculating your inherent and maturity risk CyberPrism produces reports for the Board and Regulators.” Denise Comerford – Member Service Manager – Into Credit Union

CISO Boot Camp Masterclass

“Very informative and enjoyable course.”
Angela Moran

“Keep up the good work, Excellent vision of cyber risk today and into the future.”
Michael McHugh
INTO Credit Union

“Great content, Interesting & fast paced.”
John Carrol
Investec Bank PLC

“Very enjoyable & well presented. Liked the approach to integrate with practical real world examples. Would recommend.”
Shane O’Connor Susquehanna International Group

“An eye opener giving a global picture backed up with real world examples, Great Knowledge.”
Shane O’Reilly
Total Produce

“Excellent stuff – Paul is a mine of information.”
Derek Hardiman Abbey Capital
“Course content excellent, well presented at a good pace.”
Paddy Hand

“Quality course content explained in easy to connect real life situations. Highly knowledgeable professionals in the world of cyber and reality.”
Gerard Clear
Cabot Financial

“Would highly recommend this boot camp. It was very informative, especially considering I do not come from a techy background. Great course to enable you to be a business protector.”
Denise Comerford
INTO Credit Union

“Good spread of topics, Good delivery and pace.”
Ronan Timmons
Investec Bank PLC