Our Approach

Cyber Risk International (CRI) believes the answer to the cyber challenge is leadership.

We provide a portfolio of services to enable and empower leadership within organisations so they can understand, mitigate and manage cyber risk.

Our services are delivered via a logical maturity roadmap and grouped as follows:


ASSESS:  We can determine your current cyber risk status.

DESIGN: We can design and develop an appropriate cyber strategy.

TRANSFORM: We can support the transition of our current environment to a target status.

SUSTAIN: We can help you operate, maintain and develop your cyber risk framework.

Providing board level briefings, interim CISOs and executive mentoring enables our clients to develop an appropriate cyber strategy and framework.

We understand every organisation is unique and our approach is to marry risk management with cyber security so that you can effectively leverage and augment your existing investment.

We deal with all sectors and specialise in supporting the global financial sector.

Our award winning Cyber Risk Strategy “CyberPrism™” is now available as a software tool and our clients can avail of the derived benefits approach.

Aligning a cyber strategy to the business is essential for the board and CRI specialises in calculating the inherent cyber risk of organisations based on their business model and thus developing an appropriate strategy and framework.

No matter what industry you are in, the board and leadership is ultimately responsible for the holistic landscape of cyber risk.

Cyber risk oversight is a board imperative and we assist global corporations in developing an appropriate governance model that supports execution of their business strategy.



Paul C Dwyer CEO


You Can Trust!

Our business is protecting your business.

We employ the most professional, experienced and qualified experts. Our mission is to protect our clients and maintain our excellent record of client satisfaction and 100% client retention.

We believe in delivering beyond our clients expectations and building lasting relationships. Our firm is owned and managed by our founders, the integrity of our services is clear in every engagement. 

CRI Clients



INTO Credit Union

“I would highly recommend CyberPrism. It is easy to use, you don’t need a degree in IT, you just need to know your business. CyberPrism gives you the peace of mind that you have the controls in place to meet your business’s cyber inherent risk. The inherent risk is calculated for your organisation not a sector in general and thereby lets you know what your cyber maturity should be. You can easily identify any gaps in and what you need to do to improve your controls. As well as calculating your inherent and maturity risk CyberPrism produces reports for the Board and Regulators.” Denise Comerford – Member Service Manager – Into Credit Union


“We were looking for a Cyber Security Network Monitoring  System which gave us  24X7 alerting, threat intelligence to enable us to protect and enable the business to function securely.  We ran detailed evaluations and side-by-side comparisons for a number of the leading solutions and  chose CRI because they offered the features we required at a competitive price, their  expertise and a support throughout the project was excellent and have become an important partner for Ryanair in implementing our Cyber Security Roadmap.” -Tom Stewart, Information Security Manager – Ryanair

Kinsale Capital

“We engaged CRI to perform an independent cyber risk assessment of the firm and its operations. The CRI team were professional and thorough from initial engagement through to the completion of the project. We were impressed with their in-depth knowledge and focus on providing practical and actionable solutions across the cybersecurity / IT framework.” Matthieu Boulud – InfoSec Manager – Kinsale Capital Management


“An eye opening course bringing to life exactly what a CISO is and maybe more importantly what is isn’t. Many lightbulb moments that will help refocus how to better align security with the business, and what it takes to be successful.” Mark Conabeare – Head of Cyber Security and Compliance – Debenhams PLC

Key Team Members

Toblerone <br> Chief Cyber Dog
Chief Cyber Dog
Paul C Dwyer <br>CEO
Paul C Dwyer
Rhonda Rehill<br>COO
Rhonda Rehill
David Dwyer<br>Dir. of Client Services
David Dwyer
Dir. of Client Services